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OMOUS is a project about the feeling of confidence and power. The creative process was focused on analyzing power symbols and shapes that could be incorporated in a design object in order to create a feeling of stability and self-confidence. 
Many people struggle with feeling good and confident, therefor, project’s goal was to make a series of design objects that could symbolize power and bring that feeling of confidence to the ones that need it. 
There were three experimental objects created. Each one of them symbolizes different powerful mythical creature. Chair represents sphinx, side table - minotaur, and ottoman - phoenix. 


Sphinx is a mythical creature with the head of a human, body of a lion and wings of a falcon. Every part of sphinx is represented in this chair. Top part symbolises falcons wings, bottom part - lion’s body. And once a human takes a seat then the object is complete - that person becomes an essential part of the sphinx. This way a human gets a chance to be part of the mythical creature and feel its power. 


Side table represents minotaur. It is a strong mythical creature with the head of a bull and the body of a human. This design object is made from two bent parts that stand for creatures horns that hold a table top. This table symbolises how power and strength can come form others, how with the little help and support, humans can achieve incredible success.


This ottoman represents mythical creature phoenix. Phoenix is an immortal bird that every time it dies, is born again from its ashes. It symbolises never ending cycle of life. Therefor, this object tries to create a feeling of confidence by reminding us that in the world nothing ever truly dies, that all human knowledge and experience is transferred from one generation to another and that is how humans become immortal. 

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