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Oak furniture with stainless steel details

FUGA objects combine wood and stainless steel to create unique furniture design with abstract shapes. 


These objects are based on abstract sketches that unfolded through out the years in designer’s work while using mental and physical automatism. This impulsive approach allowed particular shapes to recur and become a centre of the designer’s creative work. 


Project’s name FUGA comes from the word „fugue“ which in classical music is a composition style where a melody or a phrase is introduced at the beginning and then it recurs through out the whole composition. 


The designer’s visual language oscillates between round shapes and straight and bent lines. By combining abstract forms with different materials, designer seeks to achieve a sense of balance and harmony and to effectively juxtapose them in order to create a captivating visual dialogue within the space where different tendencies to coexist.


FUGA furniture serves as an introduction that both familiarise the viewer with the way how designer sees the world and create a chance to contemplate our relationship with abstract shapes and what meaning they have to us. 

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