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We all bend around our reality. However, that is what brings grace to the world. Changes challenge, force to be creative and give life to new beginnings. And this is what „LINIYA“ furniture represents: unexpected turns, that challenge but make the world more beautiful. 

In „LINIYA“ furniture graceful bent lines from nature are transferred to suit modern lifestyle. Objects combine two different feelings: soft and cold. Both bench and stool are made from stainless steel, therefore, combines cold steel with soft lines. Industrial with natural.

Creative process was focused on analysing bent lines, and searching for their meaning and purpose. What was found is that bent lines shape our world and symbolise a change and need to adapt. They happen when a straight line meets something bigger,
heavier in its way, therefore, a bent is created. 
Bents happen when a river has to change its path because there’s an obstacle or when a light bends due to a massive black hole.

And the same happens in people’s life. When there’s something unexpected and big, they have to change. Everyday there is an endless search for another option and need to change plans because of new circumstances. 


Even during this project there were many unexpected turnouts, that brought a lot of changes to the creative and production process. The making of this furniture proved that there are no straight lines in life, that everyone has to adapt to the unexpected turn of events.


The project was sponsored

by Lithuanian Council for Culture.


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