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That is why in this experimental light object a unique light effect is created by glass leftovers that appear during glass blowing process. 


Light is everywhere around us, even in the most unusual, everyday objects. Sometimes light could be found even in unnecessary materials, that are unused or thrown away. 

Even though glass is one of the most recyclable materials, it is very difficult to recycle color glass. In glass art craftsmen use special powder to create colors and that makes it almost impossible to recycle any leftover glass from creating process. And it's important to mention that any additional treatment or processing creates warehouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. That is why glass pieces in the object, are hung using a specially designed hanging system that allows to use any size and shape leftover glass piece without any additional glass treatment in any other object. This system is open, so allows people to notice and appreciate a reused material in design object. 

By creating colorful light patterns, non-recyclable glass pieces show that there is a way how to create a sustainable design and helps to notice light in unexpected objects all around us.

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