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LUNAE is a series of stainless steel objects inspired by bents and curves of the surrounding world. The word „lunae“ in Latin means a crescent moon. Its shape is one of many examples of curved lines that surround human environment. Bent lines shape this world and symbolise a change and a need to adapt. Curves happen when a straight line meets something bigger, heavier in its way, therefore, a bent is created. It happens when a river has to change its path because there’s an obstacle or when light curves due to a massive black hole.

Each LUNAE object has a slight bent in the middle, this creates a minimal design that adapts, warps around its surroundings. These objects seek to bring simple elegance and mystery of the universe closer to human reach. 

LUNAE objects let curved lines become part of people’s environment because they are an integral part of the universe. 

Objects are represented by MOVIMENTO Club.

More information here:

LUNAE stool and LUNAE bench 

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